lundi 30 juin 2014

Episode #4 "summer begins" !

Hi everybody,

summer 2014 is officially here !

It's hot, sunny and windy, perfect conditions to ride hard here in south of France !
I'm training a lot to prepare the next snowkite season, i definitly want the world snowkite master title !

In this episode #4 of my kitesurfing season i present you some of my "secret spots" where i go for training sometimes.

Flat water or nice waves, you can choose your flavor to enjoy the ride ;)

Have a nice super kite summer evryone, and see you soon on the spot !

Episode #4 "summer begins" from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

Episode #3

Hi guys,

hope you all have some super kite days on your spot !

Here is the episode #3 of my kitesurfing season, in this episode you will see a mix of kitesurfing and kite landboarding actions !

I really love both type of kiting, and i hope you will enjoy my ride ;)

Have a nice kitesurfing season everyone !

2014 Kitesurf & MTB season - Episode #3 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

dimanche 1 juin 2014

2014 kitesurf season - Episode #1 & 2

Hi guys,

the 2014 kitesurf season start very well here in south of France.

We have epic kiteboarding's conditions with lot of wind and lot of sun, so i took this opportunity to shoot some cool kite's actions and kite trips since i'm living here.

My project this summer is to present you some beautifull kitesurfing spot in a cool spirit, that's why i had this idea to edit some web episodes ;)

Hope you will like it, and i wish you all a super kitesurfing's summer ;)

Enjoy the ride, from France to Spain !

2014 kitesurf season - Episode #1 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

2014 Kitesurf season Episode #2 - Spain from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

Festikite 2014

Hi everybody,

summer is not already here, but it's like it is here in south of France !

I was competing at the "Festikite" from 8 to 11th May, next to "Montpellier", i was riding at the "Airstyle" comp.

Many riders coming from all over France came to this event to show to people what kitesurfing is all about : BIG AIIIIR hahaha !

I didn't managed to get qualified to the finals, i was still riding with my shoulder's injury so... but i get the 2nd place at the best trick, landing some cool front and back rolls kite loops.

It was such a cool event with cool people to ride and chill with ;)

Here is a cool video of the Airstyle Day 1 competition, i'm riding the Flysurfer Cronix 10m (blue kite) rocking a cool Back Loop kite loop in the video, watch it and enjoy the ride ;)

See you soon for more kite adventures ;)

Festikite 2014 - Le résumé de la Deuxième journée en images from christotitas on Vimeo.

France KLB Championship - Europe KLB Championship Round 1

Hi guys,

on the 19th - 20th April took place the France Kite LandBoarding Championship 2014, and the 1st Round of the European Championship !

I had a lil' injury in my shoulder 1 week before the event, so i didn't managed to land my new handle pass... but i was ok to land some cool wrapped and blinds...

It was super cool to ride with all my kite mates coming from the UK, Netherlands and Germany.
It's always a big fun to chill and ride with the crazy ESSEX boys haha ;)

The level is still going up, it was not so easy to get qualified to the main final, but i used the dark side of the force to do it.

We runned the Final together with my Essex bro and SuperKiteDay team mate "Ash Garwood", i like his style and his spirit, we always have a lot of fun to ride together during the heats...

I'm super stoked to have won one more time the France Kite LandBoarding's Championship, and super happy with my 1st place at the Round 1 of the European Championship !!

Lot of riders runned the race, it was super cool to run this race with so many riders !

PS : My Flysurfer team mate "Olivier Garet" is back on track, and it's a big pleasure to see him stomped the spot with his hardcore unhooked style ! Welcome back on track buddy ;)

Podium Landkite Freestyle - France Kite LandBoarding freestyle Championship 2014 :

Video by "Kiting Benny" :

mardi 15 avril 2014

Handle pass on land !

Hi guys,

here is a short video of my last kite landboarding training sesh before my competing at the France and Europe freestyle KLB Championship.

I landed a new trix, which will score a lot in my next heats in the competitions !

Check this out ;)

Kite LandBoarding mobe pass by lolo BSD from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

And here is a cool video of the same session with some other cool wake style moves, enjoy the ride ;)

Wake style on land #1 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

See you soon for more kite adventures ;)

mercredi 26 mars 2014

The ultime snowkite session

Hello guys,

i just come back from my last snowkite trip of the season, and it was an amazing trip !

I was in the French Alps from the 21st to 24th of March, and the powder was still amazing, also the day are longer so there is more time to ride !

How cool is that to ride on snow with warm temperature, march is definitly the best month for snowkiting !

During those 4 days i had the chance to ride 4 different spots (Le Richard, la Pyramide, la face sud, et la ruine), all those spots are located at the "Col du Lautaret".

I was there to compet at the French snowkiting race Championship finals, and i managed to take the 1st place, pretty stoked about this result ! (event's video coming soon on this report).

So here is my last 2013/2014 snowkite's season video, this season as been really really good, and i already can't wait to put my feet on my NeverSummer snowboard for the 2014/2015 season !!

French snowkite master at work #3 - The ultime session from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

Wish you all a SuperKiteWeek, and see you soon on the beach ;)

lolo BSD